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What it Takes To Survive The 2013 Real Estate Market

real estate 2013

Do you have what it takes to survive real estate in 2013? In 2013, American entrepreneurs will carefully navigate rough economic waters, but will also be faced with unlimited opportunities. 2012 was a very unique year in real estate. While distressed foreclosure sales continued in abundance, we saw appreciation in some areas as high as [...]

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Government Bail Out for San Diego Real Estate Investors?

obamas bailout

Today’s post may come as a major shocker for San Diego real estate investors. I know it does for me! Earlier this month, President Obama announced his new steps in providing mortgage relief in order to stem the continuing crisis of foreclosures and vacancies. The one that is shocking to me is that this relief [...]

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The benefits of A 1031 Exchange

myths about 1031 exchange

  Many of my clients express concern to me about the capital gains tax associated with San Diego real estate transactions. When you sell a property, the large capital gains tax can eat in to your sale profits; however, the IRS tax code allows for “like kind” exchanges that enable you to defer payment of [...]

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What to Know About Capital Gains Tax in Real Estate

tax brakets

Today’s real estate market in San Diego consists of two real business opportunities: You can buy San Diego homes at a discount, fix them up, and re-sell them to buyers at a profit. You can search for high-yielding San Diego rental income properties and finance them at historic low interest rates. If you are buying [...]

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9 Tips for Property Managers

tenant paying rent late

While purchasing San Diego residential properties can be a great source of income, managing them is often a whole different ballgame. Property management is time intensive and requires a certain set of business skills, as well as attention to detail. When you buy a residential property, it’s time to make a decision as to whether [...]

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Why San Diego is Quickly Turning into a Seller’s Market

benefit from market

It seems like the San Diego real estate market has been a buyers’ market since the crash in 2008. With low interest rates, plenty of inventory, and low housing prices, buyers have been in control for quite some time because they’ve had their pick of available properties and motivated sellers. With thousands in foreclosure or [...]

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How to Use Seller Financing to Your Advantage

Typically, fewer than 10 percent of the homes on the San Diego real estate market offer some type of seller financing. When a seller assumes the position of financier, he or she extends credit to the buyer, creating a loan installment agreement, usually with interest. Many seller financing agreements are short-term loans with a balloon [...]

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Local San Diego Real Estate Mogul Arrested

In recent San Diego real estate news, police arrested a local well-known real estate agent Eric Elegado, his wife, and several of his associates, charging them with several counts associated with potential mortgage loan fraud. If you live in San Diego County, you’ve probably seen Elegado, whose advertises aggressively with his picture adorning signs and [...]

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How to Maximize Your Rental Income

  San Diego property owners with homes in the rental market have been growing increasingly frustrated. While purchasing property and using it as a rental used to be an income generator, in recent years investors here in San Diego have been struggling when they buy rental homes. Unfortunately, it is extremely difficult to earn a [...]

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How to Use Bankruptcy to Stay in Your San Diego Home Payment FREE

In previous blogs, I’ve discussed how you can use the banks’ disorganization regarding mortgage loans to remain in your home payment-free for 18 months or longer. Living rent-free this way allows you to pay off high interest debt, set aside some savings, and enjoy a better lifestyle. What happens, however, when it appears you’ve reached [...]

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