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Stimulate This

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Welcome to the continued crazy world of Real Estate and business headed into October of 2011. We have already seen several government attempts to stimulate the economy. We saw the first time home buyer credit released in late 2009 that created a booming “flip” market. In late 2010 when the tax credit expired we began to see noticeable slowing and the market converted into more of a buyers market place.
you say we have seen so many attempts to stimulate the economy but then you only list one and then the affect of when it went away. That example should be the second paragraph. first paragraph should set up thesis for whole article (which i am unclear on, this seems to be just a random collection of adderall vomit)Currently borrowers are obtaining interest rates in the high 3% to low 4% range on 30 year fixed loans. (Side note: Time to re-fi dummy!!!!) Now I am beginning to see some more consumer confidence and action in the market place. However it is not nearly what it was in late 2009 to 2010. The main difference you must know: if you are going to buy and flip property today you must purchase “special property”  I think you should say more selective about the property that you buy and eliminate the whole “speacial property” theme that you tie back into at the end “special property” doesnt sound good at the right prices. In other words, you no longer get offers on everything you buy. Its now important to pay attention to the view, lot, street, neighborhood, living space etc.  this makes it seem like you werent paying attention to those factors in the first place do you really want to say that?What do you mean don’t get caught?  Unless you are going to title the other paragraphs this is unnecessaryWe are not seeing a true SUSTAINABLE rise in Real Estate prices right now. We are seeing some nice sales due to low interest rates alone. Not until we see TRUE Economic growth will we see a rise in Real Estate prices. With Unemployment in CA soaring to over 12% last month we have a ways to go. Low Interest rates will create more consumer spending but jobs are the only key to true Economic growth. Now  is the time to find the right property and re sell very quickly for a nice profit or obtain a 3-4% interest rate on a rental. Mark my words, Real Estate will not be on it’s way up for very long, so if you are buying now make sure to take advantage of this favorable leverage because when we find ourselves in an inflationary period in a few years the your real estate loan will be an asset in itself.

Here is an example of a property I recently bought and just put into Escrow last week. I had 5 offers on the first weekend! Remember the property has almost an acre lot and a nice view! Very “special” Property.  Let the photos of the property speak for itself or give a full description. consider eliminating this “special property theme it is weak at best.